Welcome to my page dedicated to CVs.

The three CVs posted below reflect my professional expertise in: (1) academic research and teaching; (2) Russian-to-English translation; and (3) teaching English. But first, I’ll give a short record of my time as a member of the working and able-bodied. 

Peter Braga in 2011.

Ready for all conditions!

Some Background

I have worked many jobs in as many places. I got my first job when I was 14-years-old flipping burgers at Wendy’s. Until I was 19, I worked mainly minimum wage positions and played in punk/hardcore bands in British Columbia, Canada. 

From 20–27, I did three things in tandem: I worked on my undergraduate degree, played music, and taught English as a second language. My degree kept me based in Victoria, BC, Canada (when I was not studying languages in Taiwan, China, and Russia). My bands took me to many places in Canada. My English teaching took me to Finland, Sweden, China, and Poland.

From 27 onward, I have returned to academia and developed my translation skills.


My CVs

The two pages below comprise my academic CV. Click on the pages to enlarge.

The single page below is my translation CV. Click to enlarge.

The page below is my teaching CV. Click to enlarge.